England’s World Cup dreams came to a humiliating end in the hands or shall i say on the feet of their bitter rivals Germany. A less than impressive England couldn’t put their poor group stage performances behind them to play in the most anticipated match of the round of 16.  

There was a tremendous amount of pressure on England even before the match started to beat the Germans and most of that pressure came from the media. The moment the whistle blew you could have seen the tenseness in the England players. Germany started off bright and that was just an indication to what the entire game was going to be like.

The Germans went on to win the game 4-1 with some controversy involved when Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard scored a chip shot but the goal wasn’t given even though the ball was clearly 2 yards over the line. If the Lampard goal was counted the game could’ve been different, i am not one for excuses but i am sure many will agree with me.

I’m not surprised with England’s exit from the World Cup after the poor displays they had in the group stages. England have some serious problems and Germany exposed them. In order for the team to be successful they need two good wing backs and a defensive midfielder, i have no idea why Fabio Capello never gave Michael Carrick a chance.

In the game against Germany Steven Gerrard was consistent in making poor passes and it was real annoying to look at. I’m wondering if England can make a deal with FIFA to allow Didier Drogba to play for both England & Ivory Coast at the same time. I’m sure that would be a good move seeing how Gerrard found Didier Drogba with a lovely pass a few months ago in the English Premier League. Gerrard seems better at passing to the opposing team players than his own teammates which is very much confusing.

One of the biggest failures was Gareth Barry and he was awful and was at fault for two of the goals in the match against Germany. All the blame should not be put solely on him though some should be rightfully handed to former skipper John Terry. A player with plenty of experience failed to take control of his defense and was terribly out of place for the opening goal. The defense of England was all over the place against Germany.

Ashley Cole and Glen Johnson need to play with more discipline as well, none of them were around on the fourth Germany goal. They were more focused on going forward than they were on doing their job and that is to defend.

It’s time for England to start rebuilding their team and some of the players who are in this current squad should never put the England jersey on again.


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