Snoop Dogg Performs At A Free Concert For U.K. Volunteers

Last night Hip Hop superstar and icon Snoop Dogg performed at a free concert for U.K. volunteer’s in Manchester sporting the jersey of 18 time English Champions Manchester United. The concert was organized by Rockcorps which is a company that gives free tickets in exchange for voluntary help.

Snoop opened up the show by saying “The Snoop Dogg of Love is here and I want to invite you and all of your friends to party with me tonight!”.

Snoop Dogg also showed his love and appreciation to the U.K. immigration for granting him a work visa which allowed him to perform in Manchester for the 3000 volunteers who has been assisting in community service projects throughout Manchester.

Snoop Dogg performed some of his hit songs which were The Next Episode, Gin And Juice, Deep Cover, Sensual Seduction, I Wanna Rock and Drop It Like It’s Hot. His performance ended with him doing a cover of Steam’s 1969 Pop single “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”.

Earlier Snoop Dogg and Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand appeared at one of the community projects where they joined up with some teenagers who were painting walls and also played a little match with them.


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