La Furia Roja

The great under achievers finally got their hands on the World Cup trophy for the first time in the nations history. It was a historical day in World Cup football for more than one reason. Spain won their first ever World Cup and a record of 14 yellow cards were given out. This finals was physical and filled with plenty of controversy but i’m not surprised seeing that there was plenty controversial situations in a fair amount of games most notably the England v Germany match.

Howard Webb was the chosen referee for this game epic match and i must say he did a poor job, yellow cards were being handed out left and right and a red one should have been handed out when Nigel De Jong decided to stop playing football and started playing karate and kicked Xabi Alonso in his chest. The First half of the match was rather slow and boring and if you expected the second half to be better then you’re not the only who was left diasppointed.

This was the worst finals match i have ever seen on the world stage ever and the referee wasn’t the only person to blame, some of it was by the players diving all over the place. Players were going to ground as if they had been taken out by snipers. The Spaniards should be counting their blessings because they could have easily lost the game if Arjen Robben had scored of those two break aways he had but i’ll let him off for the second of the two seeing that he was being held back by Carlos Puyol.

Many were wondering why Howard Webb didn’t stop the play and have Carlos Puyol sent off, in fairness to Webb he did the right thing somewhat by playing the advantage seeing that Robben broke free from Puyol.

Arjen Robben didn’t make use of the advantage being played and didn’t score and that’s there Howard Webb should have done what  think would have been the right decision and pull the play back and give Puyol a red card but that didn’t happen.

The game went into extra time and both team started creating chances but were failing to break the deadlock in a game that failed to live up to expectations. The games seemed destined for penalty kicks but Andres Iniesta broke the Dutch hearts with a game winning strike that has sealed his name in history of Spanish football.

The goal came after the Netherlands failed to clear the ball properly and it ended up on the foot of Cesc Fabregas who played a pass to Iniests who had enough time to pop the ball in the air, watch it drop down before blasting it into the net pass dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg 116 minutes into the match.

Moments later Howard Webb brought a very controversial World Cup final to an end and the whole of Spain were now able to celebrate being World Champions.


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