Anderson Dragged From Burning Car Unconscious

22 year old Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira of Manchester United was pulled from his burning car yesterday morning after he left the Sardinha Biba nightclub located in Braga Portugal.  It is reported that Anderson crashed his £125,000 Audi R8 into a farm wall before it flew into a field in the Geres region of Braga.

The crash occured at 7am and eyewitnesses pulled his lifeless body from the wreckage moments before the car exploded. Anderson wasn’t the only one in the two seater car.

Anderson had two friends in the car one of which was a young Brazilian woman, all three were taken to the St. Mark’s hospital where they were treated for their injuries which include whiplash, shock and a concussion. Anderson’s representatives known as the Gestifute agency had this to say:

” He had suffered an “almighty scare” but would be returning to Manchester to continue his rehabilitation.”

Sir Alex Ferguson is currently caught between including Anderson and often injured Owne Hargreaves in his 25 mansquad for the upcoming English Premier League season, this incident could possibly make the decision of themanager easier. The Brazilian was in Portugual undergoing rehabilitation for a knee injury he suffered last season. During his time at Manchester United Anderson has grown a reputation of being a partier.


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