Ozil Shows Interest In Manchester United

“When you are looking at moving clubs it’s impossible not to pay attention to the Premier League and even more impossible not to pay attention to Manchester United and Chelsea.”

“I am a winner and, when I am looking for a new club, I simply look at where I can be the most successful and where I can win the most trophies.

“If you look at the recent history of Manchester United and Chelsea then it’s clear that a player can be very successful there.

“Of course clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are of huge interest and the Premier League’s top two clubs are of serious interest to me when the time comes.”

The summer transfer period is coming to and end and United still haven’t made any big name signings which i have absolutely no problem with. If we are going to buy a high profile player i’ll jump at the chance to sign him. Ozil is young, quick, smart and talented.

The German international has one more year on his contract with Werder Bremen and is reportedly worth £12million, Weder Bremen can either cash in on him now or keep him for another season or lose him to a free transfer. I doubt they’ll let him go on a free transfer.


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