Sneijder Confident Mourinho Will Manage Manchester United

“English football excites him more than any other football in Europe and I don’t think it’s a question of if he returns to the Premier League but when,” he told the News of the World.

“I think it’s written for him to take over Manchester United in a few years. One great manager will retire and another one will take over.

“But if he was offered the England job alongside the Manchester United one in a few years I am sure he would take it. He likes the daily interaction with players too much to take on an international job alone.

“Jose and I became good friends at Inter and, from conversations we had, I know he thinks he could really do something with the England players.

“When he takes the United job, the English FA must offer him the national post as well, and from conversations we have had I think he would take it, in fact I know he would.”

With all due respect i hope this never comes to pass, i admire Mourihno somewhat but sometimes he can be a bit unbearable. I don’t want a manager who thinks he’s bigger than the club and with Jose Mourihno’s history he always puts himself in that light.

Say No To Mourihno!


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