Nani: I Am Very Important For My Team

“I feel more confident in this club,” he said. “I realise where I am and I know I am doing well. I am helping my team win games and important points and now I know I am very important for my team. Everyone is excited with me because they didn’t know if I could be the player everyone expected. Now everyone starts to believe I can be a very good player.”

“Hopefully I can do much better than last season. I am working very hard on that and I am confident. People saw a different player last season because I worked hard every day. I improved a lot but there is a lot to learn yet and I hope to start this season better than the last.”

I always love a confident player but too much confidence can be a bad thing, before Nani did well last season his self-confidence was a major problem. There were many times where he tried too hard to win games by himself and that behaviour cost the team chances in games.

Nani was much younger then and i think his lack of maturity was his downfall back then, let’s all hope he’s matured enough and that Nani never shows up this season and hope the one we saw in the latter part of last season shows up game in game out.


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