Ruud: Manchester United Was My Club

“It was harder to leave Manchester United,” said Ruud. “That was my club, like PSV and Den Bosch. Real Madrid was different. I had a tremendous time there and a warm relationship with the fans, but Real is more business like. I had a reason to go and they had a reason to allow me. That’s all good. With Manchester, I had that thing with Sir Alex Ferguson and that hurt. That was emotional. For him too, I suppose. I didn’t have that emotional layer with Real. But I look back at my period there with great joy and pride and some of my best mates were there. I count Guti, Raul and Casillas as good friends and playing with Beckham is always a thrill.”

I’m not surprised that he has said this because at United you can enjoy your football but at Madrid you always have to be grade a or the fans will quickly turn on you. The fans at United always treat their players with respect once they are fully loyal to the club. Ruud Van Nistelrooy is a legend at the club and will always be respected there


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