Carragher: United Didn’t Knock Us Off Our Perch

Jamie Carragher was asked who would he have in his dream interview and he chose Sir Alex Ferguson, he then went on to say:

‘If I was in his company, I would also tell him, first off, that Manchester United never knocked Liverpool off their fucking perch, as he put it. That’s just nonsense. Graeme Souness did that.

‘When United were going for their first title under Ferguson in 1992-93, they were competing with Norwich and Aston Villa. They weren’t competing with Liverpool, were they?’

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! Can you say something more pathetic than this? I know you’re a scouser and they’re not that smart but come on i’m sure the everyday scouser would not have said something so ridiculous. Graeme Souness is no longer Liverpool manager and your team is still rubbish.


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