Pique: Sir Alex Ferguson Will Always Be A Second Father

“When I arrived there I was 17 and it was really hard for me to leave my family here, to change club, to change all my friends. For me, Sir Alex Ferguson was like a second father. He helped in all the ways, not only in football terms but also how to find a house and all my relations out of football. I think that for me he was a really helpful person.”

“For me, Alex Ferguson will always be a second father. I remember when I went to his room to say that I wanted to leave because Barcelona was coming for me. It was my town, it was my club when I was young and I wanted to come back. He didn’t want me to leave and said I had a future at the club and he expected a lot from me. But I wanted to leave and he wrote me a letter saying that it was really difficult and really hard for him to let me go to Barcelona.”

I was disappointed when he left because he was starting to get some games with United but it was too late. Everytime i see him playing for FC Barcelona & Spain i always hope he does well. When i saw him in Barca’s starting lineup  was very happy for him because that is a big club to be playing for. Pique has been very successful at Barcelona and i hope all this success continues.


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