Roo-ins: Rooney Cheated On Pregnant Wife?

Say It Ain’t So!

It is reported that Wayne Rooney cheated on his wife Coleen while she was pregnant with his son Kai. It is said that he paid for secret sex sessions with 21 year old prostitute Jennifer Thompson whch cost £1,000 a night. This sexcapade lasted over four months where seven sessions took place. Rooney also took it upon himself to take her out on a few VIP dates to clubs, bars and famed 235 Casino.

Reports are that Rooney confessed to his childhood sweetheart Coleen the night after England’s win over Bulgaria of his infidelity.

He also told a close friend of his: “My life is in ruins…I’ve been so stupid. Coleen won’t forgive me this time. She will leave me.”

The Sunday Mirror spoke to Jennifer abd she said:

“He sent me SIM cards full of text messages and spoke to me on Skype using a false name. Whenever we met for sex it was always in the same hotel.”

If this is true then i can honestly say that i’m disgusted with what Rooney has done and something like this can’t be swept under the rug as if it never happened. The media is going to has a field day with him and would knock him all round for this incident.


2 thoughts on “Roo-ins: Rooney Cheated On Pregnant Wife?”

  1. Rooney is my Favourate Player. He is a Smart & Intelligent Player. He is a Team Player & is Not Shelfish. Unfortunately, these English Players are Paid Too Much. They Do Not Know How to Spend the money. So What Do They Do? Drink, Cheat On Their Wives, Throw the Money at Prostituets. It’s happening to All the Stars. Georgy Best, Paul Gausgine, Joe Cole, John Terry & Others Like Tiger Wood. It’s a Shame. Thede Stars Should Be Thrown In The Deep Deep Ocean & Let Them Sink.

    1. He is my favorite player aswell and what you said about English players is true unfortunately. After seeing so may make mistakes you will think that they will start changing for the better but that’s not the case

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