Giovanni Trapattoni Wants Gibson To Leave United

“If Trapattoni wants me to move on from a club like Manchester United to better my game, move to somewhere like Stoke where I’ll get more games, but have little chance of winning anything, then I just don’t know. Where else would I go from Manchester United? At what club other than Manchester United could I go to improve my game?”

“To be honest, if he’s trying to say that I should move somewhere like Stoke City and change my game to winning tackles and not winning games then he’s having a laugh. To move on from Manchester United just doesn’t make sense to me.”

“I have good relationship with Trapattoni. We haven’t fallen out in anyway. Personally, I just think I haven’t been playing (for the Republic of Ireland) because I haven’t been playing regularly at club level and he’s giving other players the chance that play week in, week out.”

“Like I’ve said before, I’ve proven what I can do with my performances at Manchester United last season. I will be very disappointed if I don’t play against Andorra. I wasn’t surprised I didn’t play against Armenia but I was disappointed not to get on.”

“At Manchester United I’ve continued to do the same thing I’ve done all last season. I’m just waiting for my chance to get another run in the team. It would be great for me if I was to play against Albania, it would be another cap and fingers crossed I’ll get the nod. We’ll see what happens but hopefully I can get on and make a difference. If we play well we should get another three points which would be a great start to the group campaign.”


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