Rio Disappointed With Fame Chasing Young Footballers

“They think to themselves ‘If I play a game for the first team all these girls will be after me, I will be invited to all these nightclubs, I will be able to get a new car and buy myself a nice flat’.

“They are not thinking beyond that. They think ‘what a life I have’.”

Ferdinand believes apprentices should be forced to clean pros’ boots – just as he had to when he was emerging through the ranks at West Ham.

“That was one of the best groundings,” he said. “Now kids don’t even do it. I played a few first team games and still cleaned Harry Redknapp’s boots. The kitman does it now. If they were having to do it they would think ‘I want to play my way out of this’.

“We weren’t just cleaning boots but cleaning changing rooms. I remember Manchester United beating us at Upton Park and I had to wait two hours outside their dressing room before I could get in and clean it.”

It’s all about the money these days no doubt and it’s very sad, i really understand wheere Ferdinand is coming from with this.


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