Jennifer Thompson Claims She Slept With Rio

Jennifer Thompson is back at it again, this time she claims that she slept with Rio Ferdinand.

She said via her twitter:

“I have 100% slept with another England and United Player and the NOTW have this story and a Injunction is against it! But I will reveal When I get to a 1000 people because I know you will all retweet it on and it will be less of a shock when NOTW print it!

The Player introduced me to Wayne and acted as the setter up of the whole thing!

I have 100% Slept with @RioFerdy5 before I slept with Rooney I thought he was single and he set everything up with Wayne… Thnks for waitin”

For the record i don’t believe this for one moment and anyone could’ve made the twitter account and say it’s her, until it’s confirmed it’s her i’ll will continue to believe it’s just someone trying to get some attention.

Rio has already come out to dismiss the rumors via his twitter and said:

“Hahahaha!! Tweeps u lot have disappointed me being so gullible with the latest stupid rumour! Don’t believe the hype. There are some Vindictive people out there.”

Some people are very desperate for attention and will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame.


2 thoughts on “Jennifer Thompson Claims She Slept With Rio”

  1. When the Rooney story broke i didn’t believe it and i had my doubts aswell. I do agree that when players have money they think thry’re god’s gift but this woman could just be out to wreck the lives of these footballers, Ferdinand ain’t no saint.

    Thanks for your response i really appreciate it and hope to hear from you again.

  2. Oh you don’t believe it for one moment!!! Yet everyone believed that Wayne Rooney was guilty!!! Ferdinand is just like the rest to much money and thinks they are god’s gift and nearly all of them have done things like it before including Rooney and Ferdinand!!!!!!!

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