Fergie Labels Torres A Cheat

One of the most controversial things to happen in the Manchester United v Liverpool match was the yellow card that John O’Shea received for pulling down Fernando Torres. O’Shea was positioned badly and Torres got in behind him and he apparently pulled the Spanish international down and Howard Webb gave him a yellow card and awarded Torres a free kick.

Liverpool fans will argue that O’Shea should have been sent off for the offense instead of receiving a caution seeing that he was the last defender and to make matter worse O’Shea was the one who supplied the wonderful cross that Berbatov headed in for his hat-trick and game winning goal.

Torres appeared to go down easy and this didn’t go over well with Sir Alex Ferguson who said:

“I have watched it again and Torres made an absolute meal of it to try and get the player sent off.”

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson thinks that Howard Webb did the right thing by not sending O’Shea off.

“My first thought from the bench was that it was a foul but I must say I didn’t think the player should have been sent off.”


2 thoughts on “Fergie Labels Torres A Cheat”

  1. I saw it last night but even if he had said it that shouldn’t be a problem because Torres is a cheat. Anytime i see him i remember that dive in the World Cup that got the Paraguay player sent off.

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