Rooney Wants To Leave United

So there have been speculation on the future of one of United’s brightest stars once again and like previous players it turns out to be true. The news of Rooney wanting to leave has definitely come across as shocking to fans of United and even fans of other clubs.
Ever since joining Manchester United he has grown as a player and a man at the club, fans of the club probably feel betrayed with news and has the right to. This is the same Rooney that once kissed our badge after scoring against his former club Everton, he always stated his love for the club and his desire to spend the rest of his career here.

Rooney’s bombshell to leave isn’t based on winning trophies at the club because he has won numerous league titles, league cups and won the UEFA Champions League since his arrival. When i first heard the rumors i wasn’t too sure about what to think about them because the media often make stories up but then it came across to me that they could be true.

A few seasons ago Cristiano Ronaldo had an outstanding season then stated he wanted to leave and join Real Madrid, with this in mind i opened up the window of possibility that Rooney could take the same path since he himself previously had an amazing season with the club. The success and fame has once again gone to the head of another superstar at United.


6 thoughts on “Rooney Wants To Leave United”

  1. Quite an astonishing development. Seems to have caught us and Fergie totally by surprise.

    Madrid have quite a few talented folk already, so it would be tough to see how he might fit in there. Although Jose has a way of sorting things like this out, as you say Crispin. I’m sure I read an article earlier about how dear Coleen would detest a move abroad, a spanner for Wazza should he fancy sunnier climbs.

    In all honesty, if this is financially motivated (which it could well be), ManCity look the most likely suitors. Not only could they find room in the squad for him (Rooney ahead of Adebayor/SantaCruz/Jo… no brainer!), and pay his undoubtedly space-high wages, but they’d be weakening one of their key rivals.

  2. Well i think if he goes there he’ll be a starter, Higuain will be sacrificed. Jose Mourihno is a long time admirer of him and i’m sure he’ll work something out

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