Anders Lindegaard: Peter Schmeichel Was The Hero Of My Life

“Peter Schmeichel was the hero of my life. I was Peter Schmeichel when I was playing in my parent’s garden. I was always imagining I was Peter at Old Trafford.

He has had a huge impact on my choice of becoming a goalkeeper and supporting United. He has been a big source of inspiration for a long time. I met him during the Liverpool game recently and that was the first time I have ever met him in my whole life and it is very special to meet your idol.

He is the biggest goalkeeping legend in this club along with Edwin and, of course, you would always want people to believe you are very good and very talented and I am sure he did say I was talented. But you also always want to have a nice clap on your shoulder especially from someone like him.

If someone says you are not good enough and are not going to make it, it is a very big motivation. You are able to surprise people and prove them wrong. Hopefully, Peter will eventually say that he is proud that another Dane has made his way in the world’s biggest club. Only time will tell.”

I know where Lindegaard is coming from with this statement, i too remembered pretending i was Peter Schmeichel as a kid. I wanted to be a goalkeeper because of Peter Schmeichel and i was for a few years, his goalkeeping skills made me a United fan back in the 1991-92 season. United finished 2nd behind Leeds United.


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