Feb 6th 1958: Lest We Forget

I’ve been a fan of United since 1991, As a fan of Manchester United there’s three days i anticipate every season, opening day, season ending day and this very tragic day. I never knew much about United when i started supporting them, i loved their style of play and the players on the team that’s it.

Over the years my interest in the history of the club grew and i started researching and found out about the Busby Babes. I always heard a few names (Sir Bobby Charlton, Duncan Edwards) mentioned who were apart of this elite squad of players but that wasn’t enough i had to find out more about the legend of the Busby Babes.

After some years of research it was a very bitter sweet situation for me when i learned of the history of the Busby Babes but it was well worth the time. I gained more respect for club for going through such a rough and painful time and recovering from it. I always wondered how good the team would’ve gotten if this tragic day didn’t occur. Hearing the stories being told by survivors of this horrific incident is gut-wrenching.

It’s now 53 years since the lives of 23 of the 44 passengers were lost and we must continue to pay tribute and celebrate the lives of everyone who was apart of this unfortunate incident. Even though i wasn’t a thought of being born when this tragedy happened i feel very much attached to it.

For a comprehensive history of the “Munich Air Disaster” and the “Busby Babes” please click here

R.I.P Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten

Flowers Of Manchester:

Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor, Geoff Bent, Liam “Billy” Whelan, Duncan Edwards

Coach: Bert Whalley, Trainer: Tom Curry, Secretary: Walter Crickmer

Alf Clarke, Tom Jackson, Don Davies, George Fellows, Archie Ledbrook, Eric Thompson, Henry Rose, Frank Swift, Ken Rayment (Plane Captain), Willie Satinoff, Bela Miklos (Travel Agent) and Tom Cable (Crew Member)

In the famous words of  former Manchester United chairman Harold Hardman

United Will Rise Again


3 thoughts on “Feb 6th 1958: Lest We Forget”

  1. i went from phoenix, arizona u.s.a. just for the 50th aniversary of the munich air diaster. you are now playing in heaven. we will always love you.
    cheers my boy’s in red.

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