35 Years: Bertie Magoo

Todays makes 35 years since City has won a major trophy.

On February 28th 1976 Manchester City won the League Cup beating Newcastle 2-1, today is my sister’s birthday but instead of celebrating it with her i’ll be celebrating City’s achievement of winning absolutely nothing in the past 35 years.

City is an embarrassment to the town of Manchester in all aspects, their fans have no class and lack any common knowledge. If they need to know anything about winning trophies they need to look no further than Ryan Giggs.

Ryan Giggs was 2 years old when City last won a trophy and since then he has collected 32 medals with Manchester United.

Teams which have won the League Cup since 1976: Wolves, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Oxford United (League 2), Leicester City (Championship), Tottenham Hotspur, Blackburn, Middlesbrough (Championship), Norwich (Championship), Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

This day is your day Bertie Magoo celebrate well, celebrate it as if you’ve won something.


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