Fàbregas: Deal Or No Deal

I’m sure Arsenal fans all around the globe have grown frustrated with the ongoing transfer speculation of midfielder and captain Cesc Fàbregas joining FC Barcelona.

Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger is determined to keep his star player and has said he’s not for sale at any price, although his manager is keen to keep him at the club the lure of winning league titles and the UEFA Champions League as Barcelona did recently at Wembley Stadium where they defeated newly crowned Barclay’s Premier League Champions Manchester United may play a key part in Fàbregas leaving the Gunners and joining the Catalan giants in the summer.

Recently the midfielder was quoted as saying: “Barca is the best team in the world and going there guarantees titles”.

There’s no hiding the fact that it has been six years since the Gunners won any sort of silverware and the midfielder also recently admitted he is frustrated by this, i am certain he’s no more frustrated than the fans of Arsenal.

The 24 year old has endured months and months of speculation over his future at Arsenal and informed his manager last summer before the World Cup of his desire of a return to Spain and his parent club FC Barcelona.

The Catalans have contacted Arsenal about a possible move for Cesc Fàbregas but chairman Peter Hill-Wood said the Spanish giants have yet to make a bid for the midfielder. Last summer they made an offer of €40m to the Gunners for the services of their inspirational midfielder but had it rejected. FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell is not willing to make the same offer for the midfielder this time around and is looking at a lower price claiming Fàbregas has had wear and tear since they last made an offer.

Losing Cesc Fàbregas will be a big blow for the Gunners as he is the heart of the team, but with the emergence of Jack Wilshire this season the Gunners future look to be in good hands or shall i say on good feet. Arsenal fans might argue and say Wilshire is very young and leading the team might prove to be too big of a task for the England international.

The Gunners could find themselves in a tougher situation next season with the midfielder and could lose him on a free,currently it’s either they cash in on him while they can or lose him for nothing next season.

So to Arsenal and it’s fans i ask this question, Deal Or No Deal?


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