Cesc Fàbregas: Home Sweet Home

Arguably the biggest transfer saga football has ever seen finally came to an end as FC Barcelona completed the signing of midfielder Cesc Fàbregas on a reported five year contract said to be worth €40million with an eye opening  buy-out clause inserted in it of €200million.

The 24-year old Spanish midfielder left the Catalan club in 2003 and joined Arsenal where he developed his game under the watchful eye of manager Arsène Wenger. After years of not winning any silverware at Arsenal the Spanish international grew frustrated and rumors of him making a return to his childhood club began surface.

Arsène Wenger always said his captain is not for sale at any price as he struggled to keep hold of his inspirational midfielder, today this battle has now been lost. Wenger said that they had to sell Fàbregas because he was no longer committed to the Gunners.

Barcelona announced: “Cesc has signed his contract which ties him to Barcelona until 2016. The buy-out clause is 200million euros.”

I am very happy to see this whole situation resolved as it dragged on for so many summers, some Arsenal fans i’m sure are happy that it is now over aswell, not happy in the way of saying finally he’s gone because they never wanted him to leave but happy all this talk of him wanting to return to Spain and the constant attempts from FC Barcelona will no longer be there to distract the club.

The way in which Barcelona pursed Fàbregas was heavily criticised by many pundits and Arsène Wenger himself, the manager was asked about Barcelona’s continued attempts to get Cesc back home and he said:

“I don’t want to come out on that. That would be an endless conversation,”

“I feel what is important is to focus on our targets and we wish good luck to Cesc, who is one of the best players in the world. Life goes on.”


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