Rooney’s Red Mist

If the Rooney family wasn’t in the spotlight enough due to Wayne Rooney Sr. being arrested earlier in the week for sports betting then junior added to it by being sent off for England in their 2012 Euro qualifier against Montenegro.

Just when you thought the England and Manchester United forward had matured he shows his immaturity once again as his judgment was clouded with red mist after losing the ball, he then proceeded to make reckless kick out on Montenegro defender Miodrag Dzudovic.

Rooney’s dismissal has been deemed Stupid, Irresponsible and Out of control. Now the striker will be suspended for a minimum of one match in the upcoming Euro 2012 championships next summer, if FIFA gets involved his ban could be extended thus putting his country chances of reaching out of their group in jeopardy.

Recently the striker expressed his desire to captain England again but if this is to ever happen his ways have to be changed and the change has to be done immediately.


6 thoughts on “Rooney’s Red Mist”

    1. I find it funny but i understand it, Fergie is a no non-sense manager and Rooney will be put in his place instantly. I think players in England respect their club more than their country.

      1. True. Look at Cristiano Ronaldo under Fergie…and now at Madrid. But it doesn’t help when your coach (in this case Mourinho) also has a bit of a bloated ego. Fergie makes sure he lets everybody know that they are not bigger than Man Utd.

      2. That’s the thing i admire about Fergie, Mourihno on the other hand the only thing i liked about him was the way he handled the annoying English press. I’m surprised Ronaldo and the so call “Special One” hasn’t had any major bust up.

  1. this is one of the main reasons i dont like rooney, he is childish and just dont give a damn (during matches). I saw his bad attitude during his first world cup appearance and i was instantly turned off. (even though he is a good striker)

    1. This attitude is what makes many people dislike him, most football fans won’t look past his bad behavior and see his talent and that because his behavior is so poor it outshines his skill.

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