Balotelli: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Just when you thought you have seen it all from Mario Balotelli he finds himself as the center of attention with another bone headed antic. The maturity level of Balotelli is lower than that of a 2nd grade kid, no matter what he does stupidity always seem to follow right behind him as if it’s his shadow.

A player with such promise and ability to become an exceptional player just keeps getting delayed by the things he does. First he had problems getting his training bid on then he tried that silly attempt to score a back-heel during a pre-season match and was immediately substituted my his manager Roberto Mancini. Now his latest act of stupidity is letting off fireworks from the bathroom of his house at 1am causing the house to set on fire forcing the Italian international to flee for his life.

Luckily he escaped the house unhurt but now faces the wrath of his manager.


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