Slipping Beauty

Viva John Terry, viva John Terry, you could have won the game, but you slipped up again, Viva John Terry!

The England and Chelsea skipper has made slipping a form of art!

Princess Aurora had a curse placed on here by the evil fairy Maleficent which can only be broken by the kiss of a prince. The princess was sent into hiding to avoid being harmed but and was protected by fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. However the princess still fell under the evil spell by Maleficent.

In football there is a similar tragedy which involves the captain of England & Chelsea, John Terry.

In the 2008 Champions League Final which was held in Moscow the Prince of Chelsea stepped up to take his team 5th penalty kick which would’ve given them their first ever UEFA Champions League trophy but the skipper slipped upon taking the spot kick and missed it.

Manchester United went on to win the trophy and Terry was left in tears at the end of the match. That incident has haunted the skipper ever since and memories of it came into the spotlight again against Arsenal over the weekend.

A pass from Florent Malouda to his skipper went pass him and the defender scrambled to recover the ball, with Arsenal striker Robin van Persie in the area the skipper embarrassingly fell to the ground and the Dutchman picked up the ball and proceeded to score.

The nightmare of messing up continues to be a main stay in the life of John Terry. For the spell to be broken will it take a kiss from the ex-girlfriend of former teammate Wayne Bridge Vanessa Perroncel to break the curse?

I highly doubt that seeing he got plenty of kisses when he had the affair with the French model, her kisses obviously weren’t powerful enough. I suggest the England & helsea captain open up a kissing boot and invite his current set of teammates to bring along their wives and girlfriends to see if he can get this curse broken.


2 thoughts on “Slipping Beauty”

  1. Lol! After the whole racism saga that’s unfolding behind the scenes, JT seriously did not need this kind of public humiliation. He went from hero by scoring Chelsea’s 2nd goal on the stroke of half time and gave the lead for the time being. Then back to villian…no1 is gonna remember that goal now. Shame. He must have swapped boots with Fernando Torres…now he has the malfunctioning pair.

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