Billy Sharp – A Goal From Heaven

In the footballing world money can buy you the best players on the market, fancy cars, big houses, the best boots but one thing that money can’t buy and that’s class. Doncaster Rovers player Billy Sharp is a strong man and a man that great will, on Saturday he lost his two day old son Luey Jacob Sharp.

Two days after the death of his son Doncaster Rovers had a match against Middlesbrough in the nPower Championship, when players lose loved one they are always given a leave of absence, however Billy didn’t take it, instead he called up his manager and asked him if he could play.

“He rung me and asked if he could play – he wanted to play. He wanted to score a goal for his son and his family and he was ready to go. When he said that to me I couldn’t really refuse.”

Sharp was back in the lineup after missing the match on Saturday against Coventry and was given the captain’s armband. Moments before kick-off a message was read to the supporters.

“This is a minute’s applause to celebrate the short life of Billy and Jade’s son Jacob Sharp. “Born 27th October, taken by the angels on the 29th. Sleep tight son.”

14 minutes into the match and Billy scored a volley which opened the scoring in the match, he then removed his jersey to reveal a message that said:

“That’s for you, son.

In football the gesture of removing your jersey to reveal something on your shirt is a yellow card but the referee on the day did not present one to Billy, a sign of respect. Doncaster went on to lose the match 3-1 but the real winner on the day was the family of Billy Sharp and football.

This is a moment that should never be forgotten by anyone seeing that Carlos Tevez who is paid £250,000 a week refused to enter a match as asubstitute because he didn’t feel like it and Billy Sharp who is paid £10,000 a week played despite tragedy.

Well Done Billy!

Rest In Peace Luey Jacob Sharp.


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