Be Quiet Kuszczak

Tomasz Kuszczak has had a limited career since joining Manchester United and things won’t get any better for the Pole. Due to a lack of playing time the goalkeeper expressed his desire to leave the club and get more playing time elsewhere.

Recently a loan move to long time rivals of United Leeds United was reportedly blocked by his manager, now the Polish international has come out and said he’s being treated like a slave for the club.

“I’ve become a slave to Manchester,”

I’m frustrated but I don’t want to slander or criticize (Sir Alex) Ferguson, it’s not my style.

“I’ve talked to Ferguson recently, i asked him to let me leave the club now, before the January transfer window. I told him I want to play and get back into the national team because Euro 2012 is just around the corner, but it seems he doesn’t care.

The possibility of a two-month loan to Leeds United came up two weeks later. The club blocked it.

“It was a glimmer of hope for me. It would have reminded the Poland manager about me – but I didn’t get the club’s approval. II have respect for Ferguson because for me he’s a great manager, but I hope he will let me go in January.”

I understand that he wants to leave the club and i’ve always said if a player in unhappy at a club then he should be allowed to leave and i stand by my word, my problem with Tomasz is that he’s going about it the wrong way by using such a statement.

There’s a growing problem with racism in football lately and using that statement is just silly. He claims he doesn’t want to slander or criticize Sir Alex Ferguson but he has done just that, i’m sure it’s very frustrating going fro second choice to fouth choice but my advice to Kuszczak is to just shut up and wait until January comes along.


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