Cesc Urges Robin van Persie To Leave The Gunners?

I’m not too sure how Arsenal fans will react to hearing their former captain who left this summer to return to his childhood club FC Barcelona advice to his former teammate Robin van Persie.

The 28 year old Dutchman is having his best season at the club with the goals coming fast and often, recently the striker said that he’s in no hurry to negotiate a new contract with his club despite having 18 months left on his current contract.

“I don’t know if they will keep him. It is his decision,” Fabregas said of his former team-mate.

“At his age, if he wants to move it will be his last chance and if he wants to stay he will stay and retire at Arsenal.

We will see what he decides but he’s been very loyal to Arsenal for a few years. He is a key player, the fans love him.”

“He is the role model of Arsenal, the star player and they cannot afford to lose him. He is having an amazing season. Hopefully he will be fit for the whole season.

Unfortunately when I was there, he never enjoyed a whole season without injury.”

After quitting the London side and claiming to owe so much to the club for his success a statement like this is not one his former employers, fans and teammates would want to hear. I’m very much interested in hearing what Arsene Wenger will have to say about this.


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