Dinamo Zagreb v Lyon: A Fix Made In Zagreb?

Normally the saying goes “A Match Made In Heaven” but sometime things change and in football change happens often. On Wednesday December 8th, Olympique Lyonnais needed seven goals and Ajax to lose to Real Madrid to get second place in their group to qualify for the Round Of 16 of the UEFA Champions League.

At halftime the scoreline between Dinamo Zagreb and Olympique Lyonnais was 1-1 and Zagreb was reduced to 10 men after Dinamo’s Jerko Leko was sent off in the 28th minute, the second half saw one of the most suspect 45 minutes of football.

“A Miracle In Zagreb” fans of Olympique Lyonnais would like it to be known as but for the neutrals that match will be seen as “A Fix Made In Zagreb”. Lyon got the goals they required and won the match 7-1, many football fans are calling foul play but UEFA quickly played down the speculations.

“UEFA is aware of, and has taken note, of the press coverage surrounding yesterday’s games and the various allegations made by the media.

“UEFA also considers the integrity of its own competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, as an absolute priority and pays extra attention to all games. We have also implemented a Betting Fraud Detections System (BFDS) as a tool against match-fixing – a system which monitors 29,000 games a season including all UEFA matches, and utilises data from more than 400 betting companies.

“For the time being this system has not shown any irregular betting patterns around yesterday’s games or their outcome that would justify any inquiry on that front.”


In this picture show and Dinamo Zagreb player seem to be giving Lyon forward Gomis a thumbs up and a wink.

What's Happening Here?

This won’t be the last anyone will be hearing about this match for some time soon, if both teams are found guilty they should be banned from all UEFA Competitions.


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