Lehman: Boring, Boring City

For Arsenal and Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann never shy away from the opportunity to speak his mind and when given the opportunity to do so he had something to say about Roberto Mancini’s club.

“Man City play very, very boring football. “They just make their opponents fall asleep with lots of possession. But to be honest that is not tactically very demanding. The way they play here is the way any amateur team plays, only not on such good grass.

“They just pack men behind the ball, have five against two and just move the ball around. The goal then just comes from a fortunate circumstance.”

He does have a strong point when he said they just pack men behind the ball and they get their goals from fortunate circumstances, take a look at their 6-1 defeat of Manchester United. In the first half United were out playing them but they got two goals, the first coming from Mario Balotelli.The second half saw United pushing forward and were exposed on counter-attacks especially after they got their only goal of the match.

The controversial German didn’t stop there, he also said:

“There was no life in the stadium,” he said. “It was dead. The fans are so quiet. You have got to say, though, that they have not got anything really to get excited about here. They had possession all of the time, albeit in their own half where nothing was happening.

“It is a shame because it is not typical English football. Napoli have heart and passion and I liked them. It is good that they have gone through. We don’t want to see Manchester City in the Champions League.”


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