Luis Suárez Is Guilty Of Racism

Luis Suárez’s imgae has taken a big blow after details about what was said during his confrontation with Patrice Evra when Liverpool faced United at Anfield. During the match and after the match Evra made a complaint to the referee about what Suárez had said while a Liverpool corner was about to be taken.

Before the corner kick was taken Evra asked Suárez why he had kicked him, to which Suárez replied “Porque tu eres negro”, meaning “Because you are black”.

A frustrated Evra dared Luis Suárez to say it to him again and said “say it to me again, I’m going to punch you”. Suárez responded and said “No hablo con los negros” (“I don’t speak to blacks”), Evra continued to say to Suárez that he is going to punch him and Suárez then said, “Dale, negro, negro, negro” (“okay, blackie, blackie, blackie”) then stretched his hand out to touch Evra’s arm while gesturing at him skin, during the situation Dirk Kuyt stepped in to break it up.

During their investigation into the matter the FA consulted a linguistic expert who confirmed the meaning of what Mr. Suárez had said.

In Suárez,’s defense he said he used the word negro once and this took place when Evra said “don’t touch me South American”. Suárez said he had replied: ‘Por que, negro,’ or ‘Why, black?’

Suárez said he meant his words in a friendly way but Spanish language experts said that they would have been regarded as racially offensive in Uruguay.

Liverpool FC and manager Kenny Dalglish were standing firm in support of their player, after the release of the FA’s 115 page document by the commission and all signs pointing towards Suárez being guilty their stance on the situation has to falter.


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