Liverpool Fans: No Morale, No Standards

The win over Manchester United has been marred by another classless individual from the Mersyside area. There have been huge build up to the match with Patrice Evra being the center of attention after he was racially abused by Luis Suarez of Liverpool FC, the result of the altercation ended with Suarez receiving an eight match ban for his racist actions.

In the previous round of the FA Cup, Tom Adeyemi of Oldham Athletic was the target of racial abuse by a Liverpool fan which left the player in tears. The ugly behavior of Liverpool fans has shown it’s head once again.

A Liverpool fan was seen making a monkey gesture towards Patrice Evra in Liverpool’s FA Cup 2-1 win over their rivals Manchester United, the obscene gesture was caught on camera and started circulating the internet.

This sort of behavior is not much of a surprise seeing the fans of the same club make a mockery of the deaths of the Manchester United players who lost their lives in the tragic Munich Air Disaster which occurred on February 6th 1958 with filthy chants.

The standard of this club has brought much shame to the English Premier League which worked so hard to build itself up to one if not the best football league on the planet, now one club and it’s fans have single handedly tarnished it’s image.

Merseyside Police revealed they were looking over the footage.


4 thoughts on “Liverpool Fans: No Morale, No Standards”

  1. Manchester United fans – no dictionary. I don’t think you meant ‘morale’. LFC fans have plenty of *morale* thanks.

    It is unforgivable for LFC fans to make a mockery of Munich. Of course it is. It is also utterly unforgivable for Utd fans to make a mockery of Hillsborough yet you have conveniently left this out of your simplistic article. Double standards abound everywhere in football, sadly.

    1. I hope you do know that discipline is part of morale and your fans and club lack any discipline so yes i meant morale, so it seems you’re the one lacking a dictionary.
      As for the tasteless chants i do not condone any of them being sung by any club, but thanks for your comment Holly and keep being proud of the club you support.

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