What’s The Mata?

After having a highly productive 2012/13 season  where he had many outstanding performances in key matches and scored or assisted key goals the 25-year-old has started just nine Barclays Premier League games this season since the self-proclaimed Special One returned for his second managerial spell at Stamford Bridge.

During Chelsea’s 3-0 victory over Southampton the Spaniard was substituted in the 53rd minute and had an angry reaction on the bench by throwing his arms in the air and pointing to the sidelines where Jose was. Mourihno has quickly jumped to defuse the situation by claiming Mata reacted that way due to the score being 0-0. I highly doubt that was the reason of Mata’s actions, nice try Jose.

With the 2014 World Cup which will be played in Brazil coming up in the summer making the national team will be high priority for the Spaniard and with very limited playing time with the Blues he must feels that his chances of making the team is dwindling. A move away from Stamford Bridge will be best for the player if he wants to fulfill his dreams of making it to the 2014 World Cup and get some much needed playing time.

Regarding Mata’s future the Chelsea boss said:

“I want to keep him. I don’t want him to go. That is my opinion, my wish, but my door is open,” the Chelsea manager said. “The club’s door is open too so when a player wants to speak to us we are there waiting for them. If you are asking do you want the club to sell him? I don’t want to.”



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