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Chelsea Captain John Terry Racially Abused Ferdinand

Chelsea captain John Terry appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court where his racial abuse case started. The former England skipper was accused of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand in a match on October 23rd, 2011. Terry and Ferdinand got into a heated argument and words were exchanged, during this argument Ferdinand allegedly taunted Terry about his affair with the Chelsea captain’s former teammate Wayne Bridges wife in which the skipper responded by racially abusing Ferdinand.

The prosecution was opened by David Penny who said: “The Crown alleges that the words he used demonstrated hostility based on Mr Ferdinand’s membership or presumed membership of a racial group.”

“The Crown alleges that the defendant, most probably in response to physical gestures being made by Mr Ferdinand which the defendant understood to refer to the well-publicised allegation of an extra-marital affair with a team-mate’s wife, shouted at Mr Ferdinand.”

During the case the Chelsea skipper was shown video footage of his alleged racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand. This case is expected by some fans to be a long one where the Chelsea captain could wrongly walk away with just a slap on the wrist even though he deserves more than that. Racism is something that FIFA has been fighting to get rid of from football and behavior like this by the former England captain is highly unacceptable.

“The Crown’s case is that the words were abusive and insulting in a straightforward sense and they were uttered by the defendant in response to goading by Mr Ferdinand on the issue of his extra-marital affair, rather than by way of exaggerated and instant querying of a perceived false allegation.”


It’s A Goal? Goal-Line Technology Approved By FIFA

Over the years football governing body FIFA have been under pressure to intro due  goal-line technology in football. At first fans were skeptical about the introduction of technology in football amidst fears it will slow down the match, some said it will take away some the excitement missed calls sometimes bring to a match.

In a recent meeting held in Zurich the technology was finally approved and will be done by using two systems, Hawk-Eye and GoalRef. This decision came was given the green light by the IFAB after passing a series of tests set out by FIFA.

Jerome Valcke (FIFA General Secretary) said they intend  on introducing goal-line technology in December for the Club World Cup in which will be held in Japan, the Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Over the years there have been many instances of goals being scored but were not allowed as the referee or his linesmen failed to see it. A few notable instances were Manchester United v Tottenham (Premier League 2005), England v Germany (World Cup 2010), Ukraine v England (Euro 2012).

The English FA haven been lobbying for this decision for many years and they have welcomed this news with opened arms.

“We welcome today’s decision by IFAB and will engage in discussions with both Hawkeye and GoalRef in the near future with a view to introducing goal-line technology as soon as is practically possible.”

Do you welcome technology in football?


Sepp Blatter Continues To Be An Embarrassment To Football

During his time as FIFA president his choice of words have been far from impressive and his latest statement does nothing but adds to his list of ridiculous comments. Recently racism has taken center stage in football with Luis Suarez and John Terry both being accused of racial abuse.

Both situations have been dragging along for a few weeks and Mr. Blatter made matters worse. In a recent interview he was asked if there is any racism on the pitch, he responded by saying:

“I would deny it. There is no racism, there is maybe one of the players towards another, he has a word or a gesture which is not the correct one. Continue reading Sepp Blatter Continues To Be An Embarrassment To Football

St. Kitts and Nevis Earns A Draw With Canada

Canada came into the match needing one point from their final two matches in Group D to advance to the next round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification in CONCACAF.

The Canadians created a few chances early in the match but missed out on getting a goal, Simeon Jackson, Dwayne De Rosario and Josh Simpson all had chances to score but neither player took advantage of their opportunities.

The Sugar Boys of St. Kitts and Nevis had their chances in the match as-well but failed to capitalize on their opportunities like their Canadian counterparts. Despite having five MLS based players in their starting lineup it was the tiny island of St. Kitts and Nevis with a population of 43,000 who dominated the possession.

Ian “Rumpy” Lake who plays locally for Delphic Newtown United FC missed a chance in the 18-yard box to the relief of the Canadian fans who came out to watch the match, moments later George “Yellowman” Isaac was taken down in the penalty are but referee Elmer Arturo waved play on. Continue reading St. Kitts and Nevis Earns A Draw With Canada

Rooney’s Red Mist

If the Rooney family wasn’t in the spotlight enough due to Wayne Rooney Sr. being arrested earlier in the week for sports betting then junior added to it by being sent off for England in their 2012 Euro qualifier against Montenegro.

Just when you thought the England and Manchester United forward had matured he shows his immaturity once again as his judgment was clouded with red mist after losing the ball, he then proceeded to make reckless kick out on Montenegro defender Miodrag Dzudovic. Continue reading Rooney’s Red Mist

La Furia Roja

The great under achievers finally got their hands on the World Cup trophy for the first time in the nations history. It was a historical day in World Cup football for more than one reason. Spain won their first ever World Cup and a record of 14 yellow cards were given out. This finals was physical and filled with plenty of controversy but i’m not surprised seeing that there was plenty controversial situations in a fair amount of games most notably the England v Germany match.

Howard Webb was the chosen referee for this game epic match and i must say he did a poor job, yellow cards were being handed out left and right and a red one should have been handed out when Nigel De Jong decided to stop playing football and started playing karate and kicked Xabi Alonso in his chest. The First half of the match was rather slow and boring and if you expected the second half to be better then you’re not the only who was left diasppointed.

This was the worst finals match i have ever seen on the world stage ever and the referee wasn’t the only person to blame, some of it was by the players diving all over the place. Players were going to ground as if they had been taken out by snipers. The Spaniards should be counting their blessings because they could have easily lost the game if Arjen Robben had scored of those two break aways he had but i’ll let him off for the second of the two seeing that he was being held back by Carlos Puyol.

Many were wondering why Howard Webb didn’t stop the play and have Carlos Puyol sent off, in fairness to Webb he did the right thing somewhat by playing the advantage seeing that Robben broke free from Puyol.

Arjen Robben didn’t make use of the advantage being played and didn’t score and that’s there Howard Webb should have done what  think would have been the right decision and pull the play back and give Puyol a red card but that didn’t happen.

The game went into extra time and both team started creating chances but were failing to break the deadlock in a game that failed to live up to expectations. The games seemed destined for penalty kicks but Andres Iniesta broke the Dutch hearts with a game winning strike that has sealed his name in history of Spanish football.

The goal came after the Netherlands failed to clear the ball properly and it ended up on the foot of Cesc Fabregas who played a pass to Iniests who had enough time to pop the ball in the air, watch it drop down before blasting it into the net pass dutch goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg 116 minutes into the match.

Moments later Howard Webb brought a very controversial World Cup final to an end and the whole of Spain were now able to celebrate being World Champions.


England’s World Cup dreams came to a humiliating end in the hands or shall i say on the feet of their bitter rivals Germany. A less than impressive England couldn’t put their poor group stage performances behind them to play in the most anticipated match of the round of 16.  

There was a tremendous amount of pressure on England even before the match started to beat the Germans and most of that pressure came from the media. The moment the whistle blew you could have seen the tenseness in the England players. Germany started off bright and that was just an indication to what the entire game was going to be like.

The Germans went on to win the game 4-1 with some controversy involved when Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard scored a chip shot but the goal wasn’t given even though the ball was clearly 2 yards over the line. If the Lampard goal was counted the game could’ve been different, i am not one for excuses but i am sure many will agree with me.

I’m not surprised with England’s exit from the World Cup after the poor displays they had in the group stages. England have some serious problems and Germany exposed them. In order for the team to be successful they need two good wing backs and a defensive midfielder, i have no idea why Fabio Capello never gave Michael Carrick a chance.

In the game against Germany Steven Gerrard was consistent in making poor passes and it was real annoying to look at. I’m wondering if England can make a deal with FIFA to allow Didier Drogba to play for both England & Ivory Coast at the same time. I’m sure that would be a good move seeing how Gerrard found Didier Drogba with a lovely pass a few months ago in the English Premier League. Gerrard seems better at passing to the opposing team players than his own teammates which is very much confusing.

One of the biggest failures was Gareth Barry and he was awful and was at fault for two of the goals in the match against Germany. All the blame should not be put solely on him though some should be rightfully handed to former skipper John Terry. A player with plenty of experience failed to take control of his defense and was terribly out of place for the opening goal. The defense of England was all over the place against Germany.

Ashley Cole and Glen Johnson need to play with more discipline as well, none of them were around on the fourth Germany goal. They were more focused on going forward than they were on doing their job and that is to defend.

It’s time for England to start rebuilding their team and some of the players who are in this current squad should never put the England jersey on again.

Au Revoir

Arguably one of the most disappointing teams in the group phase of this years Word Cup was France. A team loaded with talented individuals like Thierry Henry, Patrice Evra, Frank Ribery, Nicolas Anelka & Florent Malouda failed to get Les Bleus out of Group A. If it wasn’t bad enough that they didn’t qualify from their group they finished last in the group with one point and only managed to score one goal.

Le Bleus opened up their World Cup campaign against Uruguay in the the most un-entertaining match i have ever seen on the world stage, it was a very dull game and i honestly feel that the player should have refunded all the spectators. They then went on to play Mexico in their second match in the group and suffered a 2-0 defeat which put their chances of qualifying from the group stage in doubt. After the defeat to Mexico Nicolas Anelka and France coach Raymond Domenech had a war of words and that led to Anelka being dropped from the team and sent home.

Anelka’s dismissal didn’t go over well with the team and they refused to take part in their following practice for their final group stage match which was to be played against host nation South Africa, it was alleged that the refusal to practice was spearheaded by French captain and Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. The players were already not pleased with coach Raymond Domenech and his tactics and this did not help his cause.If the image of the French national team wasn’t already damaged from their controversial win against Ireland in which Thierry Henry handled the ball before passing it to William Gallas to get the winning goal which sent France to the World Cup then this incident definetely added icing to the cake.

France were put out of their misery by host nation South Africa who defeated them 2-1 to officially end their 2010 World Cup. All the talented individuals couldn’t save their team the blushes of an early exit, the French was just a bunch of individuals and never a team. I guess the poor performances by the France was a case of karma and i am sure football fans around the world especially the Irish celebrated the demise of Les Bleus. They never should have been there in the first place and all this turmoil justifies it.