Don’t Compare United And City

All the commotion about a shift in power in Manchester is all just media hype and hoopla. The only thing United and City have in common is the fact they’re both from Manchester. Sir Alex Ferguson once said they are our noisy neighbors and he couldn’t be more correct than that. Without United the city of Manchester will have no image because we have always been the face of Manchester.

If you dare try comparing United and City when it comes to being on the pitch and success on it that will make for a rather short conversation seeing their trophy cabinet is loaded with cobwebs, but i’ll do it for the fun of it.

League Titles:

United have won a total of 18 league titles which is joint top in England with the Scousers, while United were busy winning league titles City had been popping up and down the top flight giving them the title of a yo-yo club. They haven’t been complete failures when it comes to league titles though, they’ve managed to actually win two of them which is a far cry to United’s tally.

FA Cups:

City managed to have some success in this competition by winning 4 cups but United have managed to win a record 11 FA Cups.

Charity/Community Shield:

Once again our noisy neighbors have been blown away by our success in another competition and have watched United winners in this cup 14 times outright and having shared 4 of them.

League/Carling Cup:

Considered to be a Mickey Mouse cup United have used this tournament to get their up and coming players a chance to impress in this and doesn’t take this competition too seriously but have we’ve won it 4 times while City have won half the amount.

European Competitons:

United have been a main stay when it comes to being involved in European play and have had success while playing in competitions. City on the other hand have barely had any impact when it comes to European competition with one European Cup Winners’ Cup to show.

Once again United have have proven to be the talk of the town when it comes to success in this area of football, we have won the European Cup Winners’ Cup once as well but we rarely played in that competition seeing that we qualify for competitions of a higher standard often.

With 1 UEFA Super Cup, 3 UEFA Champions League & 2 World Club Championships it obvious who’s the the toast of the town here. City have never qualified for the Champions League in the club history.

So for all the talk of a shift in power in the city of Manchester is just that, Talk! City have millions and millions of money to spend at the moment to help them buy their history like Chelsea have been doing. I don’t even want to talk about fan support because our fans have class, something you can’t say about City.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Compare United And City”

  1. I’m sorry to have to take issue with this post. You are looking at past years which is all fair and good but you would be silly not to compare United and City this season. Both teams are doing well and City arguably have more talent on their squad. Obviously the talking will be done on the pitch which is why I love footy but it’s too close to call.

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